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As a collector/fan of rap music, I, obviously, make use of proper rap concert etiquette. It really is quite basic, and a lot of times, the performer himself will actually tell you what to do.

“Put your hands up!!”

Ya know. Stuff like that. Simple, no?
At a concert on Sunday, I managed to make a mistake. Prior to a song about struggling at a dead-end job, the performer asked “How many people in here hate their jobs?” My hands stayed down. This is because, hey, I actually like my job. Can you believe I get paid to host TV watch parties and tweet about TV shows? For some reason, I didn’t anticipate being literally the only person that didn’t raise his hand. Given that the concert was in Michigan, there’s no damn way everyone was employed. I was then asked by Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, “what? you don’t hate your job?” I wasn’t given a mic or anything so I just kind of shrugged. He took that to mean that I didn’t have a job. The whole venue thought I was unemployed. Ugh.

I’d forgotten one of the cornerstones of rap concert etiquette. Just do what everyone else is doing.