I just recently returned from a second viewing of The Dark Knight Rises. I find this to be rather odd because out of all the people I have talked to about the movie, I am the one that liked it the least. But a friend insisted that I go with him and his brother because we haven’t gotten to spend much time together.  So I got to see the movie twice before 48 hours had passed after its release day, and luckily the second viewing was much easier then the first. I was fully ready and prepared for Bane sounding like a robot Sean Connery.

I seem to have a bad habit of seeing a movie multiple times in theaters if I really enjoy it. I went to see both Scott Pilgrim and Zombieland at least 5 times in theaters, and for those of you who suck at math, that’s over $100 in tickets. Yeah. Fortunately there hasn’t been a movie released recently that I’ve had such a strong drive to see over and over again (other than the Muppets, but that was only 3 times) and my wallet is fuller because of it. Or it would be if i didn’t spend the money on video games instead.

Speaking of which, I recently cleared both inFamous one and two in little over 4 days. Excellent games, and I sure hope that they find a way to make a third. Now I am focusing on Strong Bad’s Game for Attractive People and League of Legends. One is a comedic, cartoonish game reminiscent of point and click adventures, and the other is a “free” computer game that sucks players in with its addicting game play and rich characters, to the point that a player doesn’t care how much money they spend on alternate skins and champions, eventually forcing the player to weep over the sheer amount of cash that they have pored into the game. I’ll leave you to guess which is which.

-Colonel Narwhal