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I don’t get Pinterest. I don’t hate it and I don’t find it offensive, but then again I have no idea what’s it’s doing behind my back, probably making rude faces or flashing me. It’s one of those phenomenons along with Twitter and Google+ where I can’t bring myself to jump on the bandwagon along with everyone else.

Okay, yes, it’s a fairly unique way of sharing photos and maintaining collections but that seems to be the only string to its bow. Like Twitter trying to combat Facebook but only succeeded in emulating the “Status” function AND NOTHING ELSE, Pinterest seems like an upgrade of Google Images to me, just a bit more thrifty and iPhone friendly, which brings me to my next point.

To me, websites like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram give off the feeling that they need to be accessed easily and on-the-go so it makes more sense to invest your time in them if you own an iPhone, which I don’t. Call it stubbornness, I call it FUCK OFF APPLE. I don’t appreciate buying a product from you then seeing it being re-released next year with a lighter frame, bigger memory, and a tinier cock. My sister has an iPhone and she won’t leave the damn thing alone. When she’s not on that, she’s on a computer permanently stuck on Pinterest. Whether it be an iPhone or a laptop or some makeshift PC made from styrofoam, a motherboard and a hamster in a wheel, she is always on it, planning her dream wedding that she’ll never be able to afford or look at hairstyles or clothes or other manly things. Those aren’t bad things but the fact that she does this for hours, sifting through photo after photo just makes me feel really iffy about it all. Yeah I play video games for hours on end and while I get some snarky comments for it, at least it’s a means to an end. Point A to Point B. Pinterest is Point A to point *@)*U#($ with a thousand pit stops for bathroom breaks. So why the fuck would I ever use it? Use it as a hit-list for Hollywood’s douchiest stars? Not likely.

Pinterest – We’ve Got You By The Balls

Pinterest is a techno-drug, like tweeting or Facebook. You can’t stop once you’ve had that one fix and you spend hours on it before you realize it’s dark and you still haven’t put pants on. But I digress, we play the cards we’re dealt. Technology will be technology, always evolving, always expanding, always sucking up our time and always leaving a smoking bullet-hole in my wallet.


Mr. MoonGoat