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Since I have so much love to share and since there are so many beautiful women in the world and since I can’t fucking go to sleep right now, I will follow suit and post my Top 10 Celebrity Crushes. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

10. Sophie Howard

British. And a glamour model. ‘Nuff said.

9: Jennifer Lawrence

Never saw The Hunger Games. I don’t see the appeal. I do see the appeal of Jennifer Lawrence though.

8: Olivia Wilde

If I ever try and walk up to Olivia Wilde, it had better be in slow motion, otherwise I’d make a fool of myself. A soundtrack would be nice too.

7: Anna Kendrick

She’s just plain damn adorable.

6: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

I’d fight 7 evil-ex boyfriends for her.

5: Jessica Biel

Ever read an article called “Dear Ryan Gosling”? (http://hellogiggles.com/dear-ryan-gosling) It’s a letter from a comedienne basically issuing a cease and desist for Ryan Gosling to “stop being Ryan Gosling”. I’m gonna write a follow-up called “God dammit, Jessica Biel”.

 4: Kate Upton

…Kate Upton is a goddess and would never talk to me in a million years. My luck sucks.

3: Amber Heard

Try and find a bad picture of Amber Heard online. Go ahead, try.

2: Anne Hathaway

Not even Batman can resist her. Could you? The answer is no, you cannot.

And my top celebrity crush?




Say whatever you will, but Charlize Theron is one beautiful woman. Hollywood’s gonna tell me with a straight face that Kristen Stewart was supposed to be the “fairest one of all” in that movie? Uh-uh.

So there you have it.


Mr. MoonGoat