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As I’ve surely mentioned ad nauseum, I spend a great deal of my time looking for and collecting music, both new and old. I’m just going to post a few songs I hope y’all will enjoy. My last post was very hip-hop heavy, so I’m going to mix it up a bit here.

Most people wouldn’t necessarily associate me with this genre, but as is often the case for alternative music, I found out about Phantogram through hip-hop. Big Boi (of Outkast fame) will be featuring the female vocalist from Phantogram (too lazy to look up her name) a bunch on his next album and judging from this song and the rest of their Nightlife EP, the results should be fantastic.

I don’t know much about this band other than I’m addicted to this song (and their songs all have weird titles).

I don’t listen to a ton of rock, but when I do, I wanna rock hard. Mastodon happens to do just that. I love this song’s intensity and the super bleak image presented in the lyrics. Sometimes, I belt out this song when I’m in the apartment by myself.

And no, I don’t know what the hell is going on in the video. That girl’s kinda cute though, right?

People either love or hate Danny Brown, mostly because his voice, which can be grating at times. Personally, I typically either love his songs or can’t stand them depending on the individual track. This is Danny Brown at his best, rapping a reminiscent rhyme over a simple, infectious throwback beat. The kid absolutely owns the video too.

Aloe Blacc is an American R&B singer (and apparently former rapper) that has somehow managed to be far more popular overseas than in his home country. Loving You is Killing Me is my jam and the music video features some pretty smooth dancing by him and the most adorable afroed little kid you’ll ever see in your life.

More Aloe Blacc! Seriously, I could post his songs all day. You Make Me Smile is an absolutely beautiful ode to his daughter and the emotional strength he draws from her in times of struggle.

This song is just too damn smooth. It makes me want to put on my good suit and dance. If I’m anywhere near that cool when I’m 45, I’ll be a happy man.

Half Time, off of Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures is incredible. The lyrics. The vocals. Everything. It’s an incredibly powerful tribute to the music she loves.

This is really empowering stuff, provided you can understand his accent.

For those that haven’t seen Luther, it’s an incredible British crime drama starring Idris Elba. This is the intro song.

While we’re on the topic of songs that appeared on TV shows, I first heard this in the credits at the end of an Eastbound and Down episode and immediately tried to track it down.

This might be my favorite song by my favorite band ever (I flip-flop on my favorite song by The Roots all the time). And, uh, it doesn’t have a music video, so somebody decided to put video from G Force (a show I vaguely remember from when I was a kid) on in the background.

And so that’s my list for now. I’ll probably post more stuff later.