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I won’t lie – I’m actually a little tipsy as I write this. A friend of mine invited me to a party. I figured it’d be the usual small-scale event with a handful of his friends. What I didn’t know was that this would be an official event for his newly-formed fraternity and that the place would be absolutely full of frat bros and their sorority counterparts. All but two people in attendance were complete strangers and I can’t say I that it was my crowd. A few times, I tried to find the host, but he was lost in a sea of uniformed fraternity brothers. With everyone in the party wearing:

1. A backwards polo hat

2. A polo short

3. Sperrys (seriously, don’t get me started on those damn things)

it was incredibly different to find him. The level of uniformity was staggering, especially considering there was no actual official uniform. I scanned the room quickly and I noticed a guy sitting at a table, grabbing some drunk girl’s ass……

FOR TEN MINUTES STRAIGHT. So yeah, he wasn’t exactly subtle with his flirting, but my friend and I got a solid laugh out of it.

For quite some time, I’d wondered what actual frat parties were like, as I had largely avoided them (I prefer smaller house parties with good friends of mine) and I must say I was very disappointed. Everything from the music to the choice of beer (Keystone Light) was a letdown. Trust me, as much as I like free drinks, if I leave a party after an hour and a half, you know it was lame.

On another (unrelated) note, I realized that on a previous post, the 100% Official Celebrity Crush Power Rankings, there was a massive oversight.
I realized as I was watching I Love You, Man that I somehow managed to forget about Rashida Jones.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I am, of course, far too lazy to go back and re-do the order.