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So last Sunday I made a firm decision and shaved my head. I’ve NEVER done this before and for anyone who knew me personally, this was a huge shock because they all know that I would take a pair of scissors to my own eyes before I considered even trimming my do. Some said I look tougher, others said I pull off the shaved head look quite nicely, and a few said I look more phallic than ever and for those select few I was well within my right to express irony and call them a prick.

For reasons that are my own, I will not show a picture of my new do, which I shall now dub “The Heisenberg”. I’d rather retain anonymity throughout this blog stint of ours. I CAN tell you that I look like Jason Statham in any movie he’s ever starred in ever except Revolver. Actually, his do in that flick is what my hair used to look like, with a touch of Bill Murray from Ghostbusters mixed in just for kookiness.

I’m going to my sister’s wedding next Saturday, meaning I’ll get a chance to wear my black suit. Oh eff yes.

Like I said in my last post, this is the time for reinvention. And shaving my head definitely feels like reinvention. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go outside and hook a car battery up to my nipple and tongue.


Mr. MoonGoat

PS: Check out my friend’s new radio station/podcast/babe magnet Domino Dub FM. If you’re into dubstep, you just might like what you hear. I did.