It’s been a good bit of time since I last posted, due in no small part to me adding yet another time-consuming activity to my already-packed schedule. Recently, I took it upon myself to join my school’s student radio program and, true to form, I couldn’t be satisfied with playing just one role. 

I’ll be co-hosting an electronics/video games talk show and also doing a hip-hop DJ shift on Friday nights. And I mean late on Friday night. Like, all of my callers will be drunk off their asses late. 

I really love it, but it’s not without its downsides, the first and foremost of which is editing the cuss words and other inappropriate content from songs. And given that I live in Kansas, inappropriate content is, well, damn near everything. A few songs were completely unusable even with the “traditional” bad words removed simply because the themes were too unsafe. 

The second reason? Well, I have to hear my own voice. A lot. During editing, I get to hear myself say my lines multiple times. Naturally, I’ll end up re-recording a lot of it. As it turns out, my voice doesn’t sound quite as cool as it does when I’m just talking, because, as we all know, everyone hears their voice differently than other people do. I expected that but what I didn’t expect was that my voice actually seems to lack inflection. I don’t sound particularly excited when I’m on the air, so I guess I’ll have to work on my radio voice some time soon.

At some point after my next show airs, I’ll post a Spotify playlist of some of the songs I played.