I picked a bit of an odd time to return to writing on this blog. It’s not like I don’t have things going on at this moment.

Putting the finishing touches on a 35-page paper? 


Writing my next piece for this other site?

Later, probably.

Handling paperwork?


What you’re reading is coming straight from the mind of a man that drank two cartons of eggnog and played 23 hours of Civilization III this weekend. 

Yes, 3. The one that came out in 2001. IDGAF.

I suppose it’s been a frustrating last few weeks. I applied for another 20 or so post-graduation jobs and I have no reason to expect those potential employers to be any more responsive than the previous ones. The other day, I got a $130+ ticket for not stopping for long enough at a stop sign when there were no other cars on the road. It’s worth noting that $130 is far more than I have.

It’s whatever. I can’t even say that I care right now. I’m going to moan and groan my way through the rest of this semester and take a long goddamn break.