Our Favorite Things

These are a few of our favorite things:

Mr. MoonGoat’s Favorite Things

Sequential Art by Philip M Jackson – http://www.collectedcurios.com/sequentialart.php


Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott. My starters.

Chris’s Favorite Things

  • The Pats
  • Hip-hop
  • Playing the drums
  • Building his music collection and making custom playlists
  • Good journalism
  • Kung Pow
  • Air Force Ones
  • The Pats
  • Travelling
  • Culture studies
  • The Pats
  • Any song with a smooth bassline and/or scratching
  • Exotic food
  • Good stand-up comedy
  • The Roots

Colonel Narwhal’s Favorite Things

Toonami Tom 3


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